Back to School!!!

(September 05, 2017)

It's the first day of the school year! Students, good luck! Parents, congrats! You made it through another summer alive!

To increase or not to increase?

(September 03, 2017)

With lots of pressure on the NDP to deliver their campaign promises, BC tenants are patiently waiting for their desired changes. Do you think that the new government will do what they promised?

University effects?

(September 01, 2017)

Would you expect Vancouver’s housing market to have effects on universities? UBC is weighing in.

BC & China - investigate?

(August 31, 2017)

Does the Liberals' relationship with China warrant more investigation? This detailed National Post reading articles some history of BC’s dealings with China.

2017 Harris & Johnson Team Picnic!

(August 29, 2017)

We could not be more thrilled with how our annual client appreciation picnic went. We had such a great time on Saturday. We love any excuse to hangout with our clients so we had a blast and we hope everyone who attended did too. A big thank you to everyone who came out to Rocky Point!

Our event would not have been possible without some very important people. We are so incredibly grateful for them a... read more.