Evergreen, ever dense 

(April 22, 2017)

Plans to increase housing density along the Evergreen line are well-received by the residents of Coquitlam. How do you feel?

Mortgages - What do you think?

(April 08, 2017)

With so many different opinions on the subject, it’s always interesting to hear the ideas of others on the topic of the housing market. This opinion piece focus on mortgages. What do you think?

What should city planners plan?

(April 08, 2017)

Should city planners better consider the current housing predicament when building new homes?

Challenge in Poco?

(March 25, 2017)

The new rec complex in Poco is proving to be more challenging than expected. Do you agree with this decision?

Office Space

(March 25, 2017)

The typical office setting is getting renovated here in Coquitlam. What are your thoughts?